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Talking about the Technological Characteristics of Shoe Injection Molding Machine
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Footwear injection molding technology and footwear equipment, is in the general injection molding process and equipment on the basis of the characteristics of the shoe with the development of the shoe. Injection molding, also known as injection molding into plastic, referred to as injection molding. It works by placing the thermoplastic raw material in a heat-treatable cylinder, heating it into a molten state, and then applying a high pressure from the plunger or screw in the axial direction of the barrel. The molten material is injected into the mold through the nozzle Of the cavity, by curing or vulcanization molding and with the upper fitting as one. Shoe machine equipment

injection molding process and molding process, although the mold structure and molding state is basically the same, but the raw materials without punching, weighing and filling, thus simplifying the process and save raw materials; raw materials by the barrel and screw uniform Plasticizing, thus shortening the curing time and improve the quality of the outsole; the plasticized raw materials injected into the mold cavity, eliminating the weighing and packing are not caused by uneven outsole defects; high pressure, rapid injection efficiency and The degree of automation is also less than the molding process.

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