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A deeper understanding of the operation and maintenance of footwear injection molding machine
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Operation of footwear machinery to strictly enforce the operating procedures. Before the boot to check the movement of the parts of the lubrication and wear, removal of foreign matter, fastening loose parts, heating system temperature to be accurate and reliable, only in the barrel of the remaining material after melting, the screw rotation mechanism to start, in the barrel In the case of no feeding, the screw speed shall not exceed.

         In the confirmation of the operation of the correct procedures to enter the automatic operation of the program. The automatic operation of the program is: injection head forward, aligned mold gate, screw injection, injection stop, injection head back, screw rotation feeding, disc rotation station, disk stop and automatic positioning, The next working cycle, mold open, from the last mold off in the shoe and set into the upper, mold closed in the state to be injected.

         Before shutting down, the hopper stops the feed, injects the head and moves out of the cartridge, shuts down the power, the water, wipes the machine and raises the friction parts. Maintenance of the contents of the machine are: to keep the hydraulic system of oil cleaning, the oil should be replaced once a year, and clean the fuel tank and oil filter; if the hydraulic parts of the oil spill should be maintained at any time, if necessary, to the fuel tank to the oil Line; regularly check the reliability and accuracy of electrical and instrumentation to ensure the sensitivity and accuracy; regularly check the barrel and screw wear, to avoid reduced plasticization and injection pressure is insufficient; mold and mold clamping mechanism to maintain accuracy and operation Flexibility, no mold clamping is not tight, sub-surface flash material, poor exhaust and other products affect the quality of the phenomenon.

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