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How to innovate with the industry and the development of industry
Posted : 2017-07-15  Browse :

Now the quality of shoe machines and other shoe machinery has been very stable, shoe machine exports will have a considerable space for development.... The country's shoe-making machinery enterprises are very cherish this opportunity to continue to communicate with other enterprises, communication, the use of new materials, new technology, new technology, develop new products, improve product quality, processing accuracy, Products to market. However, how to keep up with the development of the industry, is placed in front of footwear machinery enterprises serious issue:

First, update the required equipment, synchronization to keep up with the development of high - end. The development of marketable, product upgrading and development research, must be rolling to promote. Learning, absorption of international advanced shoe machinery experience, for innovation, in practice to produce a good equipment to meet the shoe-making process.

Second, focusing on high-tech, the development of comprehensive to meet a number of shoe-making process, the formation of shoe machine production line of shoe-making equipment, to minimize labor intensity, the control system as far as possible the introduction of PLC computer operation, At the same time from the conservation of materials, water conservation point of view to develop new equipment, so that tannery business to win the best profit margins.

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