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Hollywood In Space, Episode 1: "Could we build the #StarWars Death Star?" Noted aerospace engineers Mike Paul Hughes,...

Posted by Hollywood In Space on Saturday, December 19, 2015

Blue Water Savages - Outdoor Channel

Eli and I are very excited about the #BlueWaterSavages season finale which premieres on 11/16, "Monster Mako Encounter" Our mako guide Keith Poe puts us on a gigantic #mako, over 11 long and approximately 900 pounds.When this #mako showed up at sunset, about 45 miles off Santa Monica, California, it took my breath away, it was a huge battle scarred female with ripped up gill straps on her right side, evidence of the last desperate acts of the numerous sea lions she preys on, as she bites them with her bear-trap jaws and shakes the life out of them.So you can see why we were a little nervous getting in with a mako of this size, (no cages or shark suites) they feed on mammals, like us, and no one to our knowledge has ever been in the water with one this big, I have to admit, I had a ball of ice in my belly as I slipped into the water with her.#Mako sharks have been shown to have the largest brain to body mass of any #shark, and they seem very intelligent, and what happened next was amazing. Her curiosity over-rode her predator instincts, and we spent an hour in the water with this magnificent animal, And this hour is burned into my mind forever.Here's a short clip from the episode.

Posted by Blue Water Savages on Wednesday, November 11, 2015

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